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My controller broke, can I get a replacement?

Blankets & Mattress Pads

Are the heated blankets also cooling blankets?

What are the mattress pads made out of?

Where is the plug connector located on the mattress pad?

Can I use the mattress pad with my mattress?

Can I use a heated mattress pad with a waterproof protector?

Where is the zipper attachment located on the mattress encasement? Is it exposed?

The zipper is located on the side of the mattress. The zipper teeth are exposed, however the pull tab is able to be tucked away.

Furniture Covers

Can furniture covers be machine dried?

Are the furniture covers wrinkle resistant?

Is the fabric of the furniture covers easily snagged? How will it hold up to my dogs or cats?

Will my couch’s pattern or dark color show through a lighter furniture cover?

Can I see a swatch of the color?

Does the furniture cover fabric stretch?

Can a slipcover be used on a sofa with loose back pillows?

Will the chair slipcover fit my recliner/wingback chair/rocker chair/other?

Will these covers fit a T cushion couch?

Can I use a furniture cover on a leather sofa?

Can a slipcover be used to cover a sofa with a skirt?

How many pieces are included when I purchase a slipcover? Does 2 piece mean 2 covers?

Is there a separate cover for the couch cushion?

Furniture Cover Guides

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