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Old Hampshire Yarns Fringed Throw Save 50%

Old Hampshire Yarns Fringed Throw

by Old Hampshire Yarns
Save 50%

Every throw blanket from Old Hampshire Yarns has a story to tell. The uniqueness of the material and the maker leave a one-of-a-kind signature on each blanket. And like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.The intricate weave and handcrafted, natural appearance of our decorative throws is derived from our yarn - random in texture and color distribution - and how it is expertly drawn into the loom with great care and attention to detail. What you see and feel – beautiful, rich fabrics enhanced by the drape and hand of soft fibers - was designed and woven by craftsmen working on century old looms in the artisan studio at our mill in New Hampshire. How and where a product is made matters. You seek craft, community and creativity, not a commodity. From the spinning of yarn, to the weaving, the Old Hampshire Yarns Throw is an American made original. With a commitment to deliver an authentically American produced product of unparalleled quality, comfort, and style, we help to preserve the quality andheritage of the American textile industry. And every one of our products helps to keep the story alive.


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Made in USA