TempaCool™ Pillow

by Perfect Fit

Ever flip your pillow to feel the cooler side? Thanks to the TempaCool™ Pillow, your pillow always feels like the cooler side. The pillow’s revolutionary fabric - TempaCool™ - is made from a cooling mineral that is consistently cooler than its surroundings. The fabric thus gains heat slowly and releases heat quickly, so it is naturally cool to the touch – and to your face. Your TempaCool™ Pillow is quick drying and durable – and guaranteed to work its cooling magic for as long as you keep your pillow.

  • Cool touch fabric 65% TempaCool™ nylon yarn and 35% polyester
  • 200 gsm breathable sports knit construction
  • TempaCool™ is durable and will last the life of the product
  • Gusseted construction for even support
  • Decorative contrasting cord
  • TempaCool™ corner silk

Jumbo 2 Pk: 20x28

Made in China